The Quest for God

Since ancient times, mankind has searched for a relationship with God. They’ve offered sacrifices, followed complex rules and rituals, and even endured physical pain—all in a quest to know their Creator.

But from the very beginning of time, God has been searching for you!

In this new DVD by Gordon Robertson, you’ll discover how to find the relationship with God that you were created to have.
Find out…

How you can overcome guilt and experience God’s love
God’s unique plan for your life
What it means to have a conversation with God
Why Christianity is unique from all other religions

Get The Quest for God—our gift to you when you join the 700 Club

Your monthly membership gift of £15 or more (20 Euros or more) to The 700 Club qualifies you to receive these faith building messages each month. To join, request your partner pack on this page or visit our support page to join online. Alternatively; call 0800 432 0700 (+44 1257 424 277).


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