Helping flood victims in Pakistan

CBN is working alongside several local ministry partners to bringing relief to families in the Sindh province of Pakistan devastated by recent floods. Many villages have been under 4-5 feet of water for weeks with families camping on nearby roads to escape their submerged homes. Many remain completely unreached by any form of humanitarian aid (government or NGO). This week emergency food supplies from CBN capable of sustaining a family for 15-20 days will reach 200 families in and around Badin (all farming communities). A total of 500 families will receive assistance as relief efforts are set to continue as the team travels farther south through the flood zone. Children in the villages are also receiving some special care packages to lift their spirits with chocolates, jelly candies, crayons and coloring books.

Smily faces during kids outreach

Six months after the worst floods in the history of Pakistan, millions are still in dire need of assistance. Many people still live in tents and have few possessions. The damage caused by the floods could be far worse than the destruction caused by the 2005 earthquake.

As terrible floods and ongoing heavy rains continue to plague Pakistan, CBN International is working with its longtime Christian partner ministry, JCTV, to mobilize emergency medical relief for the many families displaced by the rising waters.

Together with our partner ministry JCTV (Jesus Christ Television), CBN International is reaching out to flood victims by registering families for help and providing emergency relief. This week we have distributed emergency supplies including food and water to over 200 families!

The villages we visited this week are both Hindu villages. No NGO or Government has visited them! CBN is the first to visit and they were so happy to see us!

The heroes of JCTV partner ministry

We are expanding our outreach to the south. We are heading toward the coastline and the indian border. Many Hindus and converted Christians are living there. We are reported that muslims only support the muslim communities. Where we are heading now are many hindus – called ‘parkies’. They are not supported because they are non-muslim. We have such a desire to reach out to them and show them the love of Jesus! We will keep you posted as we continue our outreach.

Thank You Partners for reaching out to these precious children!

Help us to reach out to the people in Pakistan by making a special gift. The button below will direct you to our giving page where you can select how you would like to give. Alternatively, call 0800 432 0700 to make a gift over the phone or to request more information. Thank You for standing with the people of Pakistan!


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  • Jacqui Sibthorpe

    Thank you so much, I am just reading through a back log of emails and found this one. I enjoy your posts on Facebook. God bless you.

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