What on earth is The 700 Club?

Welcome to our blog! You might be thinking: what on earth is The 700 Club? Before referring you to our more officially written ‘about us’ page, we can tell you right here. Saves you clicking buttons!

The 700 Club is a daily TV show which airs on multiple channels in the UK, Europe and worldwide – in many different languages. The show contains stories about how people met with God and were changed through the love of Jesus. The hosts (Pat, Gordon, Terry and Kristi) offer Biblical help and advice.

The show also offers a variety of other elements such as news, music, entertainment and more. The show is produced in the USA and re-edited for European broadcasts.

The 700 Club is part of  The Christian Broadcasting Network (UK) and we are a registered UK charity (110 1659).

Our core charity objects are to share the love of Jesus through media (TV and web) and to reach out to people in need through humanitarian projects (disaster relief, food projects, fresh water relief, medical missions, etc)

We hope you enjoy following our blog – we try not to be boring. In that respect we really welcome your comments, positive and constructive!

Have a great day


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